Arguably most well-known for creating a bridge between the corporate and government sector and the world of imagination, Lesley Perkes says that she “revels in the tightrope walk”.

Lesley is a serious Joburger, public arts producer, arts-activiste, writer, speaker-performer and mommy of one beautiful son. She is the CEO of artatwork from whose inner city Troyeville office she delves into the neglected, seemingly impossible places in our separated landscapes and hearts. Using unique approaches to public arts nationally through artatwork, Lesley has produced many of the permanent and temporary sculptural installations and a number of strong performance-artworks by hundreds of professional artists since 2005.


Lesley Perkes, CEO of artatwork, player of parts, writer, speaker-performer and general mischief-maker, harnesses decades of experience in the arts in public space to offer audiences the time of their lives.

Bespoke sessions – shorter and longer - are inevitable for people who have heard everything. Leisurely Perkules (as she is sometimes called by a secret admirer), will find a way in to your organisation / group strategy and reflect ideas relevant to her own experience - in a way that will surprise you and blow you away like a beautiful red kite. She likes making herself useful. Often in unexpected and unusual collaborations.

Available for humans, groups, conference and event organisers seeking fresh ginger up their tails and maybe a big surprise, Lesley's style and content is particularly South African in a complicated way which is appropriate, although in the local context she tackles some serious planetary issues, without losing her deranged sense of humour and a focus on working like a happy dog.  Perfect for bored audiences who have seen everything and would just love to experience a bolt out of the blue.



Below are examples of Hot Instant Sessions which are always tailored so you'd swear they were Pret-a-Talker: